Professional Organization Leadership

Today, County Attorney Polk holds positions of leadership in many professional organizations, including serving as Chair of the following:

  • Arizona Criminal Justice Commission (“ACJC”) – Created by statute in 1982, ACJC serves as a resource and service organization for Arizona’s 480 criminal justice agencies on a myriad of issues ranging from drugs, gangs, victims compensation and assistance to criminal record improvement initiatives. In accordance with statutory guidelines, the ACJC is comprised of 19 members who represent various elements of the criminal justice system in Arizona. In 2018, ACJC unanimously elected County Attorney Polk to serve as Chair for a 2-year term. In January of 2020, Polk was unanimously re-elected to serve a second 2-year term as Chair.
  • Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys’ Advisory Council (“APAAC”) – Created by statute in 1977, APAAC serves over 800 full-time state, county, and municipal prosecutors throughout Arizona, providing a variety of services. The primary mission of APAAC is to coordinate and provide training and education to prosecutors. The Council is composed of 23 members, including the Attorney General, the fifteen elected County Attorneys, five municipal prosecutors, a representative of the Arizona Supreme Court, and the dean of one of the state’s law schools. In 2011, County Attorney Polk was unanimously elected by her peers to serve as Chair of APAAC and has served in that capacity ever since.
  • Governor’s Arizona Substance Abuse Partnership (“ASAP”) – First created in 2007 by Governor Jan Brewer, ASAP serves to initiate and support improvements in substance abuse policy, develop dynamic partnerships, and compile data on substance misuse and abuse throughout the state of Arizona. In 2019, when former Chair Bill Montgomery was appointed to the Arizona Supreme Court, Governor Ducey appointed County Attorney Polk to serve as the new Chair and Dr. Sara Salek, Chief Medical Officer for the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), to serve as Vice-Chair for the council. This dynamic combination of a medical professional with an experienced prosecutor leading the way in addressing substance abuse in Arizona will bring a new dimension to the work of ASAP.