Overdose Fatality Review Board

In August 2016, in response to the opioid crisis, County Attorney Polk worked with MATFORCE to launch the Yavapai County Overdose Fatality Review Board, a 25-agency group representing leaders from law enforcement, criminal justice, social services, community and mental health services, as well as the county Medical Examiner’s Office, local pharmacists and early childhood advocates. The Board conducts confidential, in-depth examinations of some of the drug overdose deaths in the county, searching for commonalities and gaps in the system where the death might have been prevented. Each year, the Board issues its findings and recommendations for improvement.

Please visit the button to learn more about the Board and to read the Community Reports and Recommendations.

This was the first of its kind in Arizona and has proven a catalyst for the state to encourage all counties to create such panels. As County Attorney Polk explains: “In typical MATFORCE style, we don’t just react. We try to get ahead of the trends. If everybody from every angle comes together, and we involve surviving families of those who have tragically died due to drug overdose, we can learn how to do things better and prevent more deaths.”