Illegal Immigration

County Attorney Polk believes in secure borders and opposes illegal immigration. And she does more than just voice opposition. In 2016, Polk worked closely with Yavapai County Sheriff Scott Mascher to qualify the Yavapai County jail for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) 287(g) Program, a certification held by only two other Arizona county jails.

What is the 287g Program? This program enhances the safety of our communities by screening, identifying and removing illegal aliens who have been arrested for the commission of a crime. Through the 287(g) Program, Yavapai County law enforcement officers cooperate with the federal government to enforce federal immigration laws, transferring illegal immigrants to federal custody and reducing our local jail population. The Program deputizes our local officers to: interview individuals in our jail to ascertain their immigration status; check Department of Homeland Security databases for information on individuals; issue immigration detainers to hold individuals until ICE takes custody; enter data into ICE’s database and case management system; issue a Notice to Appear, which is the official charging document that begins the removal process; and transfer noncitizens into ICE custody.

County Attorney Polk believes that federal and local officers working together provide a tremendous benefit to public safety through increased law enforcement communication and overall community policing effectiveness.

Straight Talk from
Sheriff Mascher

287(g) Successes. According to ICE statistics, in fiscal year 2019, the 287(g) Program encountered approximately 775 aliens convicted for assault, 704 convicted for dangerous drugs, 145 convicted for sex offenses/assaults, 173 convicted for obstructing police, 110 convicted for weapon offenses, and 21 convicted for homicide.