Domestic Violence

This portal further helps victims by making it possible for them to start the court paperwork from any computer anywhere, in a private setting, rather than requiring a visit to the court. 

County Attorney Polk has long been a champion for protecting victims of domestic violence and prosecuting abusers.

One such criminal was a man who beat and emotionally tormented his victim, running from justice in five states until he landed in Chino Valley. This time, after again beating up his girlfriend, leaving her battered and bruised, he encountered County Attorney Polk. Sheila won this case in court and, finally, this man was put behind bars and his victim set free.

From her years of prosecuting offenders, County Attorney Polk has witnessed the cycle of violence, the fear and rationalization, and the physical and emotional abuse inflicted on victims. In her capacity as Chair of the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission, County Attorney Polk championed the creation of AZPOINT, a web portal launched in January 2020, that allows victims to seek Orders of Protection online, from any court, in the privacy of protected settings.