The Yavapai County Attorney’s Office was an early pioneer of criminal justice programs that divert low level offenders from jail and into treatment. These programs include TASC, a drug offender deferred prosecution program started in 1997, and the Yavapai County Drug Court started in 2000.

In April of 2020, County Attorney Polk announced her launch of the Yavapai County Pretrial Diversion Program. This innovative program provides an alternative method of holding offenders, whose crime has a nexus to substance abuse, accountable for violations of the law through participation in an evidence-based education or treatment program that targets factors related to recidivism. The Program effectively redirects limited criminal justice resources, brings about participants’ rehabilitation, and gives rise to safer communities. Using the leverage of the criminal charges, the Program diverts low-level criminal cases from formal court proceedings and allows for the dismissal of charges if the Program is successfully completed.